What Is Metal Roofing and Will It Last Longer Than Normal Roofing Materials?

Will a Roofing Service Be Able to Install a Metal Roof to A House?

Lately, many roofing service companies are installing more and more metal roofs. Metal roofing can give a home beauty, durability, and reduce energy costs. It comes in various colors, styles, and textures; this type of roofing has many advantages over standard shingles. Many homeowners decide to install it for protection against the sun, wind, snow, and rain without losing their property’s curb appeal.

Compared to other roofing choices, metal roofing has distinct advantages. It’s more durable, lasts anywhere between 30 to 60 years, with not as much degree of disintegration and decomposition. Metal is more expensive to install, but it is lighter than other roofing materials, which, in turn, puts less stress on rafters and walls.

Metal is extremely fire resistant, so anyone living in wildfire region feels safer with a fireproof surface. Ceramic tiles are fire retardant and are similar in price to metal roofing, but have a certain architectural style and weigh heavier. With its ability to contract and expand, metal offers protection against winds, snow, sleet and hailstorms, and even heat waves. This makes it a firm favorite with many roofing service companies.

The right type of metal roofing can complement any home, from Victorian to contemporary. This is due to the fact metal can be coated using any color pigment or texture to mimic wood or the surface of slate. The arrangement of the metal sheets on a roof can also be customized, unlike the shingles. Homeowners have the option of vertical slats, offset rows, small tiles, or larger sheets – whatever is preferred.

Since metal roofing reflects the sun, it can save a homeowner money in electricity and heating costs. For example, a light colored roof can save up to 20% in air conditioning costs in the summer. While the cost of the roofing is high, similar to wood shake, the cost of installation may be lower because it can be installed over a pre-existing roof with no demolition required. In some regions, having a metal roof can reduce a homeowner’s insurance. People worried about environmental impact prefer this type of roofing because it can be made from recycled materials.

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